Magster’s Love at First Sight

Born: 17-5-2016
Height: 38,5 cm
L2-HGA: Clear by parents
HC: Clear by parents
Eyes: free of all disease
HD: waiting for test
ED: 0/0
Patellalux: free
Mentaltested with gunshots

Alba is my very first bred puppy, and because of that, she is very special to me. She is the first daughter of my very first Stafford Maggie. I have named her “Love at First Sight” because that was how i felt when i caught her little body during the birth. She was alive and well and I instantly fell in love with her. This special bond has continued throughout her life, and she still goes crazy anytime i visit.

Alba is a loving girl full of speed and fun, like any Stafford is. Alba loves tanning outside, and enjoy training. Alba trains obediance and tracking.  She lives in a co-home with Charlotte, Roan and our beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier Chili.
Even though Alba is a healthy dog, that is never sick, her HD result is sadly not up to the standards I will accept in my breeding. Because of that she is now retired, and will never go into breeding. She will stay in her home spreading life and happiness and working on tracking. At the moment she can track up to 600m, such a smart girl.