Boris x Maggie

Here you can see pictures of this litter from birth till grown 🙂

For Maggies very first litter i Used the stunning Boris – Maxsta Bombastic Boy. He is from Holland and mahogny brindle. He is an active dog who enjoys guests and a dip in a mud lake. His mom doesnt seem to enjoy his dips as much 😉

IMG_6025 red

IMG_6027 red

Proud mom with her 2 girls

IMG_6031 red

Today we went to Charlottes garden to experience new smells and new things. Puppies are now 6 weeks old and filled with love and curiousity. Today I decided that the pink girl is my keeper. Give a warm welcome to Magster’s Love at First Sight, my firstborne puppy and a very special girl. She will be living 4 minutes from me and will be named Alba. She will stay with the loving Blichfeldt family and will get a new big brother. An older American Staffordshire Terrier named Qato.

IMG_8173 red

Alba 6 weeks

IMG_8165 red

Playing with mom

IMG_8209 red

Alba 6 weeks

IMG_8365 red

Alba getting her tummy tickled

IMG_8290 red

Vika 6 weeks

IMG_8162 red

Vika 6 weeks

IMG_8220 red

Alba resting in the doggy-bed

IMG_8231 red

Baby girls

IMG_8255 red

Even though you are 6 weeks you can still enjoy some milk

Now the girls are 1 year old and both stunning and lovely dogs