Current puppies


Today we went to Charlottes garden to experience new smells and new things. Puppies are now 6 weeks old and filled with love and curiousity. Today I decided that the pink girl is my keeper. Give a warm welcome to Magster’s Love at First Sight, my firstborne puppy and a very special girl. She will be living 4 minutes from me and will be named Alba. She will stay with the loving Blichfeldt family and will get a new big brother. An older American Staffordshire Terrier named Qato.

IMG_8173 red

Alba 6 weeks

IMG_8165 red

Playing with mom

IMG_8209 red

Alba 6 weeks

IMG_8365 red

Alba getting her tummy tickled

IMG_8290 red

Vika 6 weeks


IMG_8162 red

Vika 6 weeks

IMG_8220 red

Alba resting in the doggy-bed

IMG_8231 red

Baby girls

IMG_8255 red

Even though you are 6 weeks you can still enjoy some milk


The puppies have landed 🙂 Sadly delivery didnt go as planned so we only had 2 girls. Both brindle with white markings. Mom and puppies are doing great.

IMG_6020 red

IMG_6025 red

IMG_6027 red

IMG_6031 red

Our puppies can be expected at any moment now. Maggies was scanned and our vet were able to see 3 puppies. The X-ray however shows more than 3. The vet guess for 5. It will be exting to see how many we get. If you have interest in this litter or our breeding in generel dont hestitate to send us a message.
Here is the first picture of our very first litter.

Kat_Hund Abdomen-Abdomen LL-09-05-2016-13_36_01-812