Magster’s Minio

Born: 13-3-2017
Height: Around 37,5cm
Eyes: eyescreened free of all diseases as 8 weeks
ED: 0/0
Patellalux: free
Merits: 1 junior CAC

Luna was quite a surprise, since she came faster than I was prepared for. She is Oijos first born puppy and and almost a true copy of her mom, and of course she had to be named “Mini O” after her mom.

Luna is a charming and stunning mahogny brindle girl. She loves to play with other dogs, especially her “big brother” the amstaff Linus. She has a strong spirit and her own opinion about things. She is quite a guard dog, and she will let strangers know they cant enter her garden. She is a talented obediance dog and take alot of courses with her human mom. She passed her first obediance test with flying colours as the best dog with the highest amount of points for the day. They are a great team and I am very proud of what they have already acomplished together.

Luna lives in a co-home with her humans and her dog “brother” Linus.

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