Tyrara’s Snowflake’s Fonda Star

Born: 21-10-2012
Height: 36,5 cm
Weight: 14kg
L2-HGA: Clear by parents
HC: Clear by parents
Eyes: Unaffected
ED: 0/0
Mentaltested with shot

Maggie is now retired after 2 beautiful litters. She will stay in the kennel, and she is looking forward to visits from new puppy-buyers.

Maggie is my first Stafford and my sweetheart. She is such an easy dog and a real joy to live with. She is calm, easy-going and works in any environment. At home she is super calm, but during playtime and on the training-track she is filled with energy and passion. Maggie loves obedience traning, especially if there is speed and treats involved, and she often does really well on the track.
In summer she is often found outside with her legs in the air working on her tan.
Maggies has a gentle and kind nature towards other dogs and animals, and if she do not like them, she generally just leaves. When Oijo moved into her family Maggie was quick to ”adopt” her and care for her like a mother would. She is the type of dog, when people tell me they dont really like dogs when they come, they end up sitting with her on their lap at the end of the evening, hugging her and saying ”Ok, dogs might not be so bad afterall”