October 2020:

We are looking for a hostfamily/co owner for both a puppygirl and a puppyboy from our winterlitter. The puppy will hopefully be born in december, and we are very exited to start a working together with a new family.
If you want to hear more about what it means don’t hesitate to contact us.

August 2020:

During the Corona-pandemic we have gotten an extreme amount of E-mails regarding puppies. We try to get back to everyone, but with the enourmous amount of messages and E-mails sadly we are not able to. Be sure to write a proper E-mail and not just “Hey i want a dog” or “price?” if you want a reply. If you write us, do expect a couple of weeks respondingtime, since our kennel is only our hobby – not our fulltime work!
Have you sent us an E-mail earlier and still haven’t gotten any response – then you are very welcome to resend 🙂
Thank you for your understanding.

February 2020:
Happy birthday to Maggies second litter! 1 year old already!
We hope both Cody, Louie and Hollie will have a lovely first birthday!

July 2019:
e are over the moon! Amigos hip-test came back with a super result! So happy that our little man is healthy.

March 2018:
Oijo is succesfully mated, and we are hopefully expecting puppies in a month. We cant wait to see what the ultrasound reveals!
For interest in this litter please dont hesitate to contact us.

April 2017:
The puppies are growing and becoming more and more self confident. They are now showing their personalities more and they have been moved from the puppy box and over to the puppycrate. Now they go on adventures in the livingroom and the garden.
Now they have also gotten their pedigree names.

Magster’s Snowshoe

Magster’s Sunbeat

Magster’s Minio

Magster’s Spark of Sparkle

Magster’s Northern Pride

March 2017:
The puppies have arrived. 4 beautiful females and one male (under her hind leg). All are perfect, big and healthy and eat very well. All puppies are some shade of brindle with white markings. Oijo is a supermom and the puppies are doing perfect.

Januar 2017:
We are very exited to announce that Oijo is having her first litter. We have driven to Germany to mate with the lovely Karuzo. He is such a sweet and loving boy and a real stunner. We are very exited to see what this mating brings us


Recap of 2016:
2016 was a relatively quiet year at Kennel Magster’s. We didnt show much and kept focus on our family and not the showring or competitions. It was the year i had my first litter and i am very proud of the beautiful girls I got in the litter. They are now 7 months old and maturing really nicely. Both Alba and Vika have lovely homes, that I have great contact with and I am so happy about that!
Next year will be more active in the dog-universe. We will have a new litter, import a new puppy and have a more active year in showing and every dog-related.

Here is Alba (on the left) and Vika (on the right) pictured. As most will be able to see the 2 girls look alot like each other, and alot like Maggie.

December 2016:
We here at Kennel Magster’s hope you all have had a wonderful christmas with friends and family.
This december Alba was entered in 2 inofficial shows. She did very well and got “Best puppy of breed” at one of the shows.

Oijo and Maggie wishing everybody a joyful christmas


Oktober 2016:
Maggie have succesfully been mentaltested this weekend. I am so proud of my little girl. She displayed alot of curiousity, drive and bravery. She handled the scares alot better than I could ever have hoped for and she is just a cool girl. For those interested her results will be available on Hundeweb in some weeks.


September 2016:
This month our lovely Oijo have been on a photoshot with Damgaard Photography. A huge thank you for the beautiful pictures. The pictures will be updated to Oijos page. Here is a preview:



Spring 2016:
We are over the moon! Our little Oijo have now been healthtested with perfect results! Oijo is free of HD, AD, patella and has healthy eyes. We are so happy that our girl is healhty.


Our new website is now online