Joddricks Oh so Sweet Oijo

Born: 27/7-2014
Height: 38-39cm
Weight: 14kg
L2-HGA: Clear by parents
HC: Clear by parents
Eyes: Unaffected
Patella: Unaffected
ED: 0

Oijo is such a caracter and she is very much a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in both mind, body and soul. She is such a happy spirit and she loves people. Not a single person will leave her home without a kiss or 10. When she is on a walk she loves to say hello to strangers and their dogs. She is full of energy and loves to play, what type of play doesnt really matter, as long as it is play. She has alot of own will, and she can be very vocal when things dont go her way. She is a kind-hearted troublemaker, and she often looks for fun things to do around the house. She is a dog that will often make you laugh due to her cute way of being, funny noises and positive outlook on life.