Retired from breeding

Breeding with love, passion and pride

We keep alot of the puppies from our own litters in hope that they will eventually to go into breeding. We want to be able to select the absolute best breeding dogs to go into breeding. Keeping alot of puppies means that we have a wide selection to choose our breeding dogs from.
Most dogs are placed in co-homes where they enjoy life as a part of their family. If they should for some reason not go into breeding they will of course stay in their regular home and nothing will change for the dog.
Breeding should always be thinking of the dogs wellbeing and also the wellbeing of the breed. That is why I have chosen this style of breeding. No cages, everyone has a loving wonderfull life and no dogs are rehomed if they are not good enough to go into breeding.

For me it is very important to healthtest my dogs properly before breeding, and sometimes our keepers and imports do not meet the high standards we set for the health of our breeding dogs. Then they will be retired before even going into breeding. They will always stay in their foreverhome, no matter if it is in the kennel or with their co-owners, since I do NOT believe in throwing family members away.

Dogs who have retired from taking part in our breeding program will also stay in their forever-family. Because of that we have some retired dogs at home in the kennel, and they will of course stay with us forever, because they are family members.

On these pages you can see all our retired dogs, whether it be before or after breeding. These are not up for adoption, they are very much loved family members.